burglary in Vans – A growing problem

Safety risks in transport have increased dramatically in recent years. The true extent of burglaries and thefts from vans is difficult to survey – statistics point to an increase of 40-60% in recent years. But the dark figure is likely to be large and the reality is that this type of crime costs many companies millions of dollars each year in the form of deductibles and downtime.

car thief's usual approach

Criminals are constantly finding new ways and techniques to overcome the vehicle manufacturer's safety system to gain access to theft-prone cargo. Once they have identified a weakness in a vehicle, knowledge of the approach is rapidly spreading within the criminal circles. The usual approach is to block the lock signal between remote control and central locking with jammers or break into the vehicle using a tool or drill/cutting machine.

car break-ins are costly

Goods and other cargo are usually insured, but the deductibles are generally high. Add to that other indirect costs, such as age deductions for machinery or loss of income for downtime, and thefts will be a major burden for most companies.

Inbrott i skåpbil - Skydda din skåpbil mot inbrott och stöld

safety solutions for van

Below is a selection of the most common safety solutions for vans that we provide. Several products can be combined to further increase safety.

Security lock

Innovative locking solutions to protect the load against burglary and theft. The safety locks are suitable for all commonly used vans and are mounted outside on both the back doors and sliding door, which also sends a clear signal that the load is protected.

The locks are made of a hardened steel structure that is resistant to both drilling and cutting. Available in mechanical version where key is used to open, or electronic version controlled by automatic locking, alarm or via remote control.


Customizable safety system for both van and truck with unique features for the market. The system is based on the award-winning platform AutoLock RFID and can be programmed to control and control several different functions on the vehicle such as immobilizer, door control, rear lift, alarm, lock warning, door warning, etc.

The system is also expandable so that multiple devices can be connected or integrated with other security solutions.


Safe storage in transport vehicles certified according to the Swedish Anti-Theft Association's standard SSF 3492. The cabinet is made of 4mm special plate and is suitable for storing expensive equipment and especially theft-prone cargo.

The cabinet has a practical pull-out shelf to make it easier to handle the contents. The pull-out shelf is easy to remove if you need extra space. The cabinet comes with an illuminated electronic code lock.

Customized security solutions

Product development | Installation | Project


r specialty is to customize, modify or develop new security solutions in close cooperation with the customer. We also offer needs and quality analysis together with the customer to offer the right security solution, at the right price.

With extensive experience of projects for small and large vehicle fleets, we can offer a complete safety solution including safety analysis, national installation at the customer's premises and training of personnel.

We are with you all the way in your security work even after final delivery.

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