Security system for "Last Mile deliveries"

efficient and safe for professional transport

AutoLock RFID is an award-winning safety system developed for distribution vehicles in collaboration with the industry. The safety system combines a high level of safety with easy operation, which saves time and increases profitability.

AutoLock RFID is an advanced vehicle alarm where access to the driver's compartment and cargo space is granted only to a driver with an approved transponder. The driver places the transponder against the reader of the door in question to open the unique door, the other doors remain locked. The system always automatically locks the vehicle's doors and warns even if the door is not closed properly.

The system is vehicle independent and has several built-in functions that can be adapted to the customer's unique needs.

AutoLock RFID is proven reliable and can withstand a tough environment – Over 3,000 vehicles are currently protected by AutoLock RFID in Scandinavia.

" After we installed AutoLock RFID from Eurosafe, our thefts have completely stopped.

The staff is very pleased with the simplicity of the system as it does not affect daily work" Hans Åke Johansson, HÅJ Transporter




The security system can handle hundreds of deliveries per day and offers a high level of safety combined with good ergonomics for the staff.

Easy operation

The driver alerts and unlocks the door by placing the RFID transponder on the reader located at the current door.

Individual control of doors

Only the door to which the driver is placed is unlocked. The other doors to the cargo compartment are locked and alarmed.

Door warning

The system warns if a door has been tampered with or open for a long time.

Automatic locking

When the door to the cargo compartment closes, the door is automatically locked and the alarm is activated again. Cannot be affected by interference transmitters.

Electronic Security Lock

Different variants of electronic security lock for both sliding door, back door and courier door that are integrated and monitored by the security system.

Vehicle independence

Suitable for all vehicle models on the market. Available in 12v or 24v version. Low power consumption makes the system ideal for electric vehicles.

Steering tailgate lift

Automatic activation of tail lift via RFID transponder. Deactivation occurs automatically at closed lift or via timer.

Immobiliser vehicle

RFID transponder is required to start the vehicle.


Further increase security with Electronic Security Lock integrated with AutoLock RFI. The security lock is controlled individually per door and monitored via AutoLock RFID.



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