safety solutions for truck and trailer

Below is a selection of the most common security solutions we provide. Several products can be combined to further increase safety.

Lock pull loop and lock kingpin

Prevent theft of entire vehicles, trailers and semitrailers with the market's leading locks. The locks have a simple operation and offer a very high level of security. All locks are available with equal locking, i.e. a key can open several different drawer locks and kingpin locks.

Lock trailer door

Mechanical and electronic locks for the trailer doors for fixed installation. The locks have a simple operation and offer a very high level of security with the possibility of opening via key, PIN, sealing code and RFID tag.

Lock loose bodies

Locks that prevent the theft of loose flatbeds or containers with lifting brackets or containers placed on support legs. The locks are made of heavy steel and can be ordered with equal locking, i.e. a key can open several different locks.

Lock bar rule

Lock for container or trailer with rod rule. The locks have a simple operation, are removable and offer a very good security. The locks are available in different lengths depending on the distance between the bar joists.


Safety system based on the award-winning platform AutoLock RFID and can be programmed to control and control several different functions on the vehicle such as immobilizer, door control, rear lift, alarm, lock warning, door warning, etc.

Value storage vehicles

Safe storage in transport vehicles certified according to the Swedish Anti-Theft Association's standard SSF 3492. The cabinet is made of 4mm special plate and is suitable for storing expensive equipment and especially theft-prone cargo.

The cabinet has a practical pull-out shelf to make it easier to handle the contents. The pull-out shelf is easy to remove if you need extra space. The cabinet comes with an illuminated electronic code lock.

Customized security solutions

Product development | Installation | Project

Our specialty is to customize, modify or develop new security solutions in close cooperation with the customer. We also offer needs and quality analysis together with the customer to offer the right security solution, at the right price.

With extensive experience of projects for small and large vehicle fleets, we can offer a complete safety solution including safety analysis, national installation at the customer's premises and training of personnel.

We are with you all the way in your security work even after final delivery.

Folder – safety truck and trailer

Customized folder for safety products for truck and trailer. Opens in new window and can then be downloaded.