Important is to first identify what you want to protect against, theft, fire or maybe both? Choosing the right cabinet can sometimes be a bit tricky as there are several different standards and concepts on the market. We have listed some important steps below to help with cabinet selection.


The purpose of the safe is to protect the contents against theft and/or fire. For most of us, the word "safe" is the most common term for a cabinet that protects against theft, which is actually incorrect. Safe is a cabinet classified according to a now withdrawn norm (SS 3493). However, the name remains with both the public and the security industry.

To help sort out the concepts and to simplify which cabinet and protection is suitable for you, a short summary follows. If you are unsure of the level of security you need, please contact us or your insurance company.

Burglary delaying cabinets

Burglary-delaying cabinets (safedeposit box) for property with little or no insurance value. These cabinets do not have certification for theft and fire protection. Note that the security differs on a non-certified cabinet. The lockers offer burglary-delaying protection that can deter and prevent theft.

Anti-theft cabinet (EN14450 S2)

Burglar-protected cabinets according to European standard EN14450 S2. The cabinets are suitable for storing valuables in the home. Anti-theft cabinets weighing less than 150kg should be anchored to the floor and/or wall. Anti-theft cabinets are available with or without fire protection.

Safety cabinet (SSF3492)

Safety cabinets are certified according to Swedish standard SSF 3492 (formerly SS 3492). The cabinets are suitable for storing jewelry, keys, valuable documents, weapons, tobacco, computers, etc. Most insurance companies require at least theft protection cabinets according to SSF 3492 for storing cash up to a price base amount (about 47.000KR). Safety cabinets weighing less than 150kg shall be anchored to the floor or wall. Safety cabinets do not have a fire classification.

Safe (EN1143-1)

Heavy duty cabinets certified according to the European standard EN 1143-1. The cabinets are suitable for storing cash, jewelry, valuable documents, etc. Safes are classified in different levels, known as Grades, where Grade 0 is the lowest level. According to the Insurance Companies' Trade Association, a maximum of SEK 50,000 in cash may be stored in a Grade 0 locker. The higher the Grade, the higher the value can be stored in the cabinet. Safes weighing less than 1000kg shall be anchored to floors. Safes are available with or without fire protection.

Fire protection cabinet and Fire insulation

On the market there are several different cabinets that are fire-insulated, these cabinets lack certified fire protection and should only be seen as a light fire/heat protection. If there is a need or requirement for fire-resistant cabinets or storage, it must be a certified fire protection. There are several different standards, distinguishing between fire protection for documents and data media (which are more heat sensitive). Certified fire protection is available between 30 – 120 minutes.

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